Equine Rehoming Directory

You can use the filters below to search through our Equine Rehoming Directory. This directory contains equines available for rehoming from our member organisations. You can get in touch about an equine directly with the posting member organisation. 

Available Equines

Bransby Frazzle

Bransby Doris

Bransby Nemo

Redwings Unbacked Project

Redwings Non-Ridden Companion

Hope Pastures- Companions

Hope Pastures - Primrose

Hope Pastures - Missy

Hope Pastures - Spice

Patrick & Penelope - Pair of Mules

HAPPA Bailey-Mai Companion Equine

Bransby Phoebe

Bransby Bayou

Bransby Indi-George

HAPPA Marco - Project Equine

HAPPA Espero - Foster Equine

HAPPA Daisy - Companion Equine

HAPPA Khaleesie - Companion Equine

Mare and Foal Sanctuary - Hebe

Mare and Foal Sanctuary - Romany

HorseWorld - Bristol

Blue Cross Companions

Blue Cross Projects

Blue Cross Riddens

World Horse Welfare non-ridden companion

World Horse Welfare prospect

World Horse Welfare youngster

World Horse Welfare ridden/driven horse or pony


Horse Post Author
  • All
  • Bransby Horses (6)
  • HAPPA (5)
  • Hope Pastures (4)
  • World Horse Welfare (4)
  • Blue Cross (3)
  • Mare and Foal Sanctuary (2)
  • Redwings Horse Sanctuary (2)
  • Horseworld (1)
  • Lluest Horse & Pony Trust (1)
  • The Donkey Sanctuary (1)
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