Rosa & Mali


Age: 23 years
Sex: Female
Height: 17hh
Organisation: Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare

Rosa is a 17hh Dutch warmblood Bay mare, born in 1999 and Mali is a 14hh Bay Arab mare, born in 2001.

These two mares have been together for most of their lives so will be rehomed as a pair and should always stay within sight of each other. They both have a laid-back temperament and are easy to handle. Both are very polite and enjoy walks around our beautiful site.

Walking is particularly important for Rosa who has stringhalt, this aids her circulation and prevents any leg filling. Mali can pull grumpy faces at times but she is very affectionate when being groomed and Rosa is a kind and gentle giant in all ways though is a big strong mare.

Rosa requires good quality grass and when this is lacking, additional hay must be provided. Rosa can drop weight in winter so it is vital that she has a minimum of 2 good quality feeds a day throughout winter, this must be taken into consideration when applying.

Mali is a good doer and only requires a token feed for her medication and supplements, Mali can become cresty in the summer months and has been muzzled for short periods during her time here in order to manage her weight.

Up to date with dentist, worming, vaccinations and microchipped, otherwise seen when needed.

Raystede is an independent rehoming centre near Lewes, East Sussex. We only rehome equines within a 30-mile radius.

Please email or visit: Equine loan to rehome - Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare for more information on how to adopt Rosa & Mali.

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