Age: 4
Sex: Mare
Height: 12hh
Organisation: Bransby Horses

Say hello to Sapphire!

Sapphire is looking for a very special home with an experienced handler as a non-ridden companion.

**Sapphire is looking for an adult-only quiet home environment**

Sapphire is, as her name suggests, a precious gemstone of a pony, who has been through a lot in her short life and is looking for a perfect partner who can help her discover that the world isn't such a worrying place. On arrival at Bransby Horses, Sapphire was found to have extensive damage to her eye and subsequently, this was removed. This war wound certainly doesn't take anything away from her beauty and the remaining eye is the most striking colour. Her sweet and gentle nature is sure to win over the heart of anyone who meets her, and she will forever be your best friend if you find her favourite itchy spot!

Sapphire is a youngster who needs a lot of time and patience for her to work out that a new situation is safe; though never malicious in her actions, if overloaded with pressure her go-to response is to rear. This is especially true when she is having her feet trimmed by the farrier; however, with gentle reassurance and lots of pauses for her to assess the situation, it is achievable. She will need a kind and patient farrier who is willing to build a relationship with Sapphire as this is one of her biggest worries.

Once she has built a bond with you, her favourite thing is to just spend time with you and will gladly stand for fusses and have a snooze whilst simply enjoying being in your company. She also enjoys going out for in-hand walks and has a lot of love to give to the right person.

Sapphire has developed some patches of photosensitivity on her body which has caused hair loss and is prone to burning. Due to this, she would benefit from wearing a UV rug on days when the sun is out, or being in a home where she is stabled during the day and turned out overnight.

More information:

Description –  Sapphire is a 4-year-old, 12hh, piebald, cob mare. 

Stabling/Shelter – She currently lives out 24/7 with access to a shelter and will happily be stabled. She has previously been in a routine of coming into the stable during the day and being turned out in the evenings which she was happy with. 

Companionship – She currently lives in a herd of mares. She sits at the bottom of the hierarchy and can often be seen grazing away from the rest of the herd. 

Forage/Feed – Sapphire does not receive any hard feed and is on restricted grazing to appropriately manage her weight. If grazing becomes too sparse or she is stabled, she received a mix of low-calorie hay and straw. 

RugsSapphire needs to wear a UV rug and UV fly mask on days when the sun is out due to her skin condition.

Ailments – Sapphire suffers from patches of photosensitivity/ alopecia on her face, neck and body which need moisturising through winter and protection from the sun in summer. 

Medication –N/A.

Vices – Sapphire is especially worried about the farrier and can rear if pushed outside of her comfort zone. 

FeetBarefoot and trimmed 6 weekly. She has historically had socials with the farrier in between trims to build that relationship of trust with the farrier.

Dentist – Sedated as part of Bransby Horses procedure.

VetCan be worried with an unfamiliar vet so needs gentle patience and understanding. 

ClipSapphire has not been fully clipped whilst at Bransby Horses but has experienced the small trimmers and was good.

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