Updated: Covid-19 Guidance for Equine Rescue and Rehoming Centres – Jan 2021

In accordance with Government guidance, companion animal rescue and rehoming organisations can remain open to provide for the ongoing needs of animals in their care.

Guidance, updated in January 2021, is available for rescue, rehoming centres and organisations that are working in England during the third lockdown period of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The guidance contains advice on adherence to Government restrictions concerning social distancing and essential travel, including:

  • The admission (intake) of animals into a rescue environment
  • The care of animals whilst in a rescue environment
  • Veterinary care of animals in a rescue environment or to be rehomed
  • The rehoming (adoption) of animals, including temporary placement in a foster home (or equivalent).

Download the guidance below:

Full guidance for animal rescue and rehoming organisations 

Additional advice for equine rescue and rehoming organisations

We advise our members operating in or travelling to/from Scotland or Wales to check the advice from their relevant government – further information is available here for Scotland, and here for Wales.

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