Research Project Participants Invited - Visual Grading Scale for Hoof Distortion

Farrier, Dean Bland, of Well Equine is inviting participants from the equine sector to contribute to a research project supporting welfare assessment of hoof distortion associated with equine inactivity and neglect of farriery provision.

Despite the prevalence of foot health compromises in welfare descriptions, there is currently no visual grading scale for the hoof distortion observed in equine populations in the UK. This study proposes to develop a visual grading scale and measure its impact on the repeatability and reproducibility of data collection for welfare assessment.

Participation will help explore the opportunities a visual grading scale for hoof distortion can offer the welfare assessment process, contributing to improved understanding and description of suboptimal welfare, and the welfare of horses.  

Interested parties will be invited to participate in a short online workshop that includes the assessment of case studies and training in the use of a visual grading scale for hoof distortion.   

Please follow the links below to find out more about getting involved:

Well Equine Research
Participant Guide and Consent Form

Or contact Dean Bland directly at:

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