NEWC welcomes The Racehorse Sanctuary as new member

We are delighted to welcome The Racehorse Sanctuary as a new member of NEWC!

Based in Pulborough, West Sussex, the Racehorse Sanctuary & Rehoming Centre was granted charitable status in 2006 and is dedicated to giving retired racehorses a safe haven and a second chance at a new life after racing. As one of the leading organisations in this field, their work is vital to thoroughbred welfare - providing a lifeline for horses who need time to adjust to a life after racing.

Many of the horses that arrive at the Centre have had some form of racing career, but for whatever reason are no longer commercially viable as a racehorse. Those that are suitable for rehoming as riding horses go through stringent checks and a period of readjustment. Once the Centre's experienced staff are happy with the horse’s development they will be matched with a rider as closely as possible.

The Centre also takes in older horses or those who have injuries that prevent them from being ridden, and they are rehomed as companions wherever possible. Many ex-racehorses can and do live a useful and sound life well into their 20s and beyond. Often, they are overlooked but in reality, they have so much to offer – especially as companion horses.

The unique and most important part of their support for ex-racehorses is in the provision of sanctuary. Permanent residents are given lifelong sanctuary care for those who cannot be rehomed because of their specific mental or physical problems.

Find out more about their work, here:

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