Incidents involving fireworks

Many of us will be heaving a huge sigh of relief that the main fireworks event is over for another year. Fireworks cause distress to many owners and their animals, including equines. A survey carried out by the RSPCA in 2021 found that between October and January almost 12,000 animals were reported to have suffered distress because of fireworks. Almost 70% of incidents involved private displays, almost none of which provided prior notice of planned fireworks.

The British Horse Society is collecting information on incidents involving horses. If you have experienced an incident involving horses (or other equines) and fireworks this year, please report this to the BHS by following this link -

The RSPCA is also collecting information on fireworks incidents involving other species as well as horses. Therefore please report incidents involving any species (including equines) at

A change in fireworks regulations is needed to protect animals and vulnerable humans. Follow this link to find out more about the RSPCA #BangOutOfOrder campaign:

You can help to make all equines safer. Thank you!

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