Historical research and artefacts sought for new museum at HAPPA

HAPPA (Horses and Ponies Protection Association) are appealing for assistance with their latest project ‘The Evolution of Equine Welfare’.

The Charity is particularly interested in anyone who has historical evidence of their history or other pioneers at the time who were involved in putting a stop to cruel working practices; the plight of the horses used in transport throughout the 19th Century and the true story of the worn workhorses, that gave cause for investigative work to begin into the sale, transport, and slaughter of horses.

HAPPA is hoping to bring the story together with artefacts, testimonials and photographs on display, either as a loan or permanent feature, to ensure that future generations can appreciate the pioneering work that went into equine welfare.

HAPPA’s Amanda Berry, Head of Equine Operations explains “We are excited to share the journey with other organisations and individuals who have a real connection with the HAPPA story, or the history of equine welfare. We are working towards creating a historical timeline and are eager to bring the journey together to inspire and educate those who will visit the Farm.

We are very busy focusing on sourcing information and funding the project and are keen to speak to anyone who could help us in our venture”.

The Charity has just under 12 months to bring the project together from design to conception and would be keen to speak to anyone who can help.

You can contact Amanda Berry at HAPPA by email: equineoperations@happa.org.uk or by calling 01282 455992.

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