Free learning platform aims to improve donkey welfare

Donkeys across the world could experience better welfare, thanks to a new innovative free online learning platform from The Donkey Sanctuary.

Developed and run by donkey experts, The Donkey Academy has the potential to reach tens of thousands of people across the globe, providing comprehensive, up-to-date knowledge on donkey welfare.

Courses range from foundation to more advanced levels, providing a huge range of educational courses for donkey and mule owners, universities, veterinary colleges, carers and professionals alike.

Subjects for the courses cover a wide range of areas, from donkey behaviour and respiratory disease to donkey dentistry and hoof care.

A collaboration between The Donkey Sanctuary and Equitarian Initiative developed the first-ever online curriculum for universities focused on welfare and preventive medicine for working equids.

Joao Rodrigues, Lead for Welfare Assessment at The Donkey Sanctuary, adds: “Having the opportunity to provide training, knowledge and skills to these students, who live in a region heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, was an incredible experience.

“The students were training to be general veterinarians, but their curriculum contained almost no courses on equid medicine, despite a large number of working equids in the region.

“We hope that with this online course, these vets will now have the tools to help these animals and support the communities that rely on them.”

Fiona Cooke, The Donkey Sanctuary Head of Research, says: “All of our courses are built and developed by our experts in donkey care and welfare.

“They are developed based on the most up-to-date scientific knowledge and the expertise of people who have been working with donkeys and mules in many different contexts for many years.

“We understand the different needs of our audiences, so we are making sure that everyone can access the information that is relevant to them and the donkeys that they care for, work with or wish to know more about.”

For more information and to register for access to the courses, visit The Donkey Academy

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