Equine Sanctuary Owner Faces 10-Year Ban

Image credit: RSPCA

The former owner of a horse sanctuary has been banned from keeping equines for 10 years after pleading guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to animals in her care.

In 2019, NEWC member charities offered emergency care to over 130 horses, ponies and donkeys discovered at Whispering Willows.

Inside sanctuary for rescued horses where officers found 130 animals malnourished and suffering - Wales Online

Speaking after the sentencing, NEWC chairman, Nic de Brauwere said: "It is thanks to the strong partnerships formed as part of NEWC that our members were able to offer their expertise and open their doors so quickly to the horses from Whispering Willows, many of which were in a desperate condition, and want to thank everyone involved in helping to give them safe new homes"

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