Parasites / Worming

With a few exceptions worms are species specific which means that they can only survive and their lifecycle complete in certain animals.  Redworm, roundworm and tapeworm are the biggest pathological threats to horses and the parasites for which you should test regularly.  Pinworm, bots, lungworm and liverfluke may also need to be considered in a parasite control programme.

Each group of parasites has specific characteristics and drugs effective to treat them.  Learn more about parasites and worming from the links below.

Westgate Labs - Parasites Affecting Horses

UK-Vet Equine - Equine de-worming: a consensus on current best practice

The Horse Trust and Moredun Research Institute - Guidelines for the control of worms in equines

The Moredun Group - War of the Worms video guide

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