British Horse Council, BEF, BHA - who are they and remit

British Horse Council

The British Horse Council was formed in 2018 to combine the work of the British Horse Industry Confederation and the Equine Sector Council for Health & Welfare.

The British Horse Council is the channel through which all parts of the UK’s equine industry can join forces. Where consensus exists, they will engage with Government and others for the benefit of the sector.

NEWC works closely with the Directors of the British Horse Council, ensuring the concerns raised by our members are shared and providing data on welfare issues when required.

To find out more about the British Horse Council visit their website here

British Equestrian

British Equestrian is the National Governing Body for horse sports in the UK, affiliated to the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI), the international governing body of equestrian sports.  

British Equestrian is an umbrella organisation representing the interests of 3 million riders, vaulters and carriage drivers in Great Britain via 18 independent member bodies (14 members and four associates). Established in 1972, it is the largest representative body within the equestrian industry.

As a National Governing Body, British Equestrian works on policy issues with the FEI. It coordinates the British calendar of international events, disciplinary procedures and doping control, and oversees the training of British international judges, stewards, vets and course designers.

British Equestrian is responsible for distributing government funding to the equestrian sports. Funding from UK Sport and Sport England supports British Equestrian’s work, from developing elite riders aiming to win medals for Great Britain to encouraging complete beginners from a range of backgrounds to get involved. Funding support is also provided by Sport Scotland for horsescotland, aligned to British Equestrian.

Find out more here

British Horseracing Authority

The BHA aims to maintain the integrity of British racing by supporting participants to comply with the rules and by dealing appropriately and effectively with rule breaches. The BHA aims to represent and promote the best interests of racing with one clear voice.

Equine health and welfare - the BHA sets standards to ensure racehorses receive first-class care and attention, their objective is to care for the whole life of racehorses.  They are responsible for setting and enforcing the welfare standards that all participants must adhere to.  These standards are embedded in the sport’s rules, raceday regulation, education, licensing and disciplinary procedures, and are enforced by teams of vets, racecourse inspectors, stable inspecting officers and raceday officials.

Read more about the British Horseracing Authority and equine health and welfare here. In February 2020, the Welfare Board published its five-year strategic plan for the welfare of horses bred for racing, the full document can be read here

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