Bransby Phoebe


Age: 3 Years Old
Sex: Mare
Height: Currently standing at 12hh
Organisation: Bransby Horses

Description – Phoebe is a 3-year-old, grey, Welsh type, mare, currently standing at 12hh.

Behaviour & Handling – Phoebe is a typical cheeky Welsh pony! She will express her emotions through face-pulling but with a confident handler is a sweet mare, who really enjoys attention and a good scratch. Phoebe can be opinionated and needs a lot of stimulation to keep her mind occupied.

Perfect Match – Phoebe needs a confident, experienced handler who will not be put off by her face pulling as she is a sweet pony underneath who enjoys attention and one to one time being spent. A consistent routine would benefit Phoebe due to her age. It would be great for her to continue to develop her education and keep her busy as she tends to get bored in the field. She would excel in the show ring as she has good conformation and moves well.

Phoebe has the potential to be backed and brought on by an experienced person.

Stabling/Shelter – Lives out 24/7 all year round, but can be stabled if needed.

Companionship – Currently lives in an all mare herd.

Forage/Feed – Hay or a hay/straw mix if forage is needed.

Vices – Face pulls, can threaten to bite but with a confident handler is well behaved. Can be reactive to touch poll.

Feet – Trimmed all-round. Needs to continue having her feet picked out regularly to keep her in a routine.

Dentist – Sedated as part of Bransby Horses standard practice.

Vet – Good.

Clip – Good.

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