Blue Cross Granger


Age: 13
Sex: Gelding
Height: 13.2
Organisation: Blue Cross

Longest stayer (160+ days) Non-ridden companion

Granger was transferred into our care via the RSPCA. He is currently settling into life at the centre. He is looking for a home with his friend Squire!

He is a sweet native gelding who can be a little unsure initially of new people. Once he knows you have a treat he gains trust very quickly. He is still settling into a routine and starting to enjoy a groom.

Granger currently lives out 24/7 and is happy to part stable with a routine.

Granger would love a home with Squire who he has been pair bonded with at the centre. Ideally a private set up to suit them both as companion ponies.

Can you offer Granger and Squire a loving home?

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