Blue Cross Brian


Age: 7
Sex: Gelding
Height: 10.1
Organisation: Blue Cross

Longest Stayer (270+ Days) - Non-Ridden Companion

Brian arrived at the centre back in April last year! He is looking for a non-ridden companion home.

Brian is pint sized boy who desperately wants to be friends with humans, but sometimes allows his worries to get the better of him and hold him back.

As such he is looking for a home and handler who will appreciate his initial worries whilst settling in and allow him to learn that the world is not such a scary place after all! Once you have spent some time with Brian and trust has been established he comes to call and tries his absolute best to please.

Brian is consistently improving with his daily routine care needs such as grooming and picking out his feet and he's hoping to see the farrier very soon!

Brian lives with geldings only and has lived out 24/7, we are hoping to introduce him to our yard very soon as part of his routine! He is happy to stay alone for short periods once settled so would be an ideal companion to a ridden horse or pony. He is very playful and interactive with his friends, we feel due to his history he wasn't able to interact with ponies, and he finally has come out his shell and wants to play!

Can you offer Brian a loving home?

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